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Tute is different. Tute is a BETT award-winning provider of live and interactive teaching online. Our faculty of experienced teachers deliver high quality lessons, via the innovative Tute Learning Cloud platform. We work closely with your educators to plan the weekly lessons.

Tute's 'Learning Cloud' has features like the 'Presentation Panel', 'Chat Box', 'Shared Notes' and 'Share Screen' that provide the experience of learning in a classroom, just that it is online! The 'Presentation Panel' showcases the lesson in an interesting format that intrigues the students, while the 'Chat Box' presents students with the opportunity to express their opinions, answers and doubts without fear. The 'Share Screen' enables the tutor to provide a complete learning experience to students by portraying educational videos and supplementary learning materials. And "Spaces" allows for sharing of homework and assignments during non-class hours.


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