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Join Our Featured Experts Programme

Members from more than 100 Facebook Groups/Pages and Telegram Groups/Channels in our network (see "Community" and "Links" in main menu) based in Singapore visit this website. Upon validation, you achieve Featured Expert status not only on this website but also in the relevant group/s (e.g. a featured expert in the tuition category would also receive the "Expert" badge in our highly popular "Singapore Tuition" Facebook community, which currently has more than 22,000 members).  

Enhanced Credibility

Be among the first to be independently validated as a subject matter expert in your field and showcase your expertise with the elite "Group Expert" badge 

Expanded Reach 

Leverage our extensive and growing network of more than 150,000 members across 100 groups to reach out to more clients and new markets

Timeliness & Convenience

Featured Experts are able to post directly in our Facebook groups without having to wait for their posts to be batch-reviewed and approved alongside hundreds of other pending posts. 

Dedicated Profile

All Featured Experts will get their own profile sub-page on our website to showcase their services and accomplishments

Improved Visibility

With the "Group Expert" badge and ability to better manage the timeliness of their posts in our Facebook groups, Featured Experts can enjoy much greater visibility for their posts

Priority Access

Featured Experts will be given priority to participate in our festive promotions, exclusive member events, and new programmes 

Featured Expert Categories
(under development)

Become a Featured Expert

Please note that all our featured experts have to go through a vetting process. If your application is successful, your profile will be showcased in the relevant category. As a complimentary privilege, you will be invited to join our exclusive Facebook groups with an "Expert" badge displayed in your profile to highlight your expertise and enhance your credibility. For some of our most popular groups (e.g. tuition and property groups), your profile will be pre-approved so that you can post directly in the relevant group without having to wait for our moderators to review and approve your posts in batches. However, please note that these privileges are conditional upon you complying with the Facebook Community Guidelines and our group rules. 

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