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A Year of Many Firsts

Early this morning, this website went live for the first time. And with that, I've finally accomplished a mini-goal of mine - putting together in one place my various Facebook groups and pages, Telegram groups and channels, and other social media accounts. It's been a tiring three days doing up the site but also kinda rewarding. Though it is still very much a work-in-progress, I am happy and much relieved that I'm able to get it up and running and actually feel empowered to take on more of such new projects going forward.

Looking back, this has been a year of many firsts. In addition to launching this website, we ran our first sponsored member giveaway, started our first series of community chats in our Facebook groups, introduced the use of topics in our Telegram tuition and property groups, and did my first (painfully awkward) Facebook livestreams. They may not all work out well, but I believe in trying and failing and trying again. Hopefully, with each lesson learnt, we would be one step closer to where we need to be.

Now, what should I work on next? Any suggestions?


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